Blog: Twelve Holidays Ideas

Christmas candle


K. Barratt


Hello everyone. Here and some ideas and tips to make the season a beautiful and memorable one.

1)  Do a house clearing/blessing before decorating it.

2) Decorate your front door with positive, loving and hopeful messages. Alternatively, write the messages in different colour craft paper and hang them as part of your home decoration.

3) If you are a business person, consider making a donation in the name of your client instead of impersonal, corporate gifts.

4) To raise good vibrations and positivity in your home, infuse with tangerine and orange aromas.

5) Have a Christmas decoration exchange party with family and friends.

6) On a shelf or small table, put pictures of loved ones that have passed on and decorate it in a festive manner. Light a candle at least once during the festivities and put a glass of wine or mead to give a toast in their honour on New Year’s Eve.

7) The Threes Stranger Gifts. This tradition helps us spread good-will and connect to the idea of the Human Family. Buy three extra gifts: one to give to charity, one for a person you know but are not closed too and one for that new person that may come into your home, with friends or family.

8) To call prosperity, put three laurel leaves, a load stone and a cotton wool infused with almond oil in a small, beautiful string bag. As you place the ingredients, imaging yourself and family living in a prosperous way -however you envisioned prosperity. Put it in the kitchen.

9) Make a point to read (and may be even read to your family) an inspirational story during the twelve days of Christmas.

10) Light a white candle for a few minutes each night and pray or send loving thoughts to the world, calling for peace and understanding.

11) Some time during December (New Years Eve being the latest), have the family write everything they are ready to let go (habits, negative thoughts, unhelpful patters) in a piece of paper. Fold and turn into you have made paper boats. Put some wax or paraffin at the bottom and take the boats to the closest river and let them go.

12) Buy wild bird food, carrots and hay. During the holidays, reserve a morning or afternoon to go to the woods/meadows, park and leave “presents” for the wild life


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