July’s Inspiration: Space Clearing


clapping hands 2s

A simple way to lift the energies of a place is to clap -literally. Walk around a clean room, clapping your hands. Pay attention to the sound. It one of the claps sounds a bit muffled, it may be do to an accumulation of stagnant energies. Use your imagination to see a small, dark clod in the area. Now clap several times; with each clap imagine the cloud getting smaller into shrinking into nothing. Now rub gently your hands, and imagine a beautiful white light coming from them; “paint” the area with this light. Now take some times to feel the space. It should feel warm and airy. If not, you may need to repeat the process or consider a deeper clearing. You can also use bells or small gong instead of your hands.


Vow Renewal

Karem at vow renewal ceremony 2

“Thanks Karem for such a beautiful ceremony. It really reflected our values and everyone commented on its originality. We never imagined a vow renewal ceremony could be so touching and special. Thank you for making the second time around as good – if not better – than the first.”  Barbara and John Breadman

A Vow Renewal ceremony is a beautiful way to express a love that has stood the test of time. The occasion may mark a special anniversary, be a spontaneous expression of feeling given as a gift to a partner, or it my mark the return to each other after a time apart. Or sometimes there may come a time when for one reason or another one or both partners may feel they have lost touch – a painful time when the future may seem unclear. Then realisation dawns that love and commitment still exist between you, and you enter a new phase in your relationship. This could be the ideal time to renew your wedding vows in a special ceremony built around your own wishes.

Vow Renewal ceremonies can be conducted along similar lines to a wedding ceremony, or they can take the form of a more intimate, private event.

I offer a free initial consultation of up to 30 minutes. My core service includes follow-up consultations, crafting and delivery of the ceremony to your requirements, and commemorative certificate and documentation.  

Wedding & Civil Partnership Blessings

We wanted a ceremony that was both personal and moving and we were very pleased as that’s exactly what we got. Karem was friendly, approachable and helpful at every stage and listened closely to what we wanted. The ceremony had been specially tailored to us and we were delighted with the result. I highly recommend Journeying Soul and Karem as an officiant.”    Daniel & Amanda Jupp

A wedding or civil partnership ceremony is a magical moment in time, when two people come together and affirm their love and their commitment to each other, held in the support of their loved ones. A bespoke, non-denominational wedding/civil partnership ceremony can be one of the most personal and meaningful events you can experience and share with your friends and family. I offer wedding and civil partnership blessings, handfastings, commitment ceremonies and vow renewals.

I will listen to your requirements; I will honour your values and deep-held beliefs; and then I will craft a ceremony that reflects all that you, as a couple, truly are. Your wedding/civil partnership ceremony can be as creative, inclusive, original and personalised as you wish. It can be as secular, spiritual or multi-faith as you want. It can include other members of the family, such as children – and even pets! And it can be worked around your wedding theme.

 Currently, I can conduct legally-binding weddings in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Eire. In England and Wales, and elsewhere, you need to complete the legal formalities through the Register Office. If desired, this element can often be integrated into the wedding ceremony itself. I can officiate wedding blessings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, civil partnership blessings and handfastings almost anywhere. I also offers weddings in Spanish or a combination of English and Spanish.

I offer a free initial consultation of up to 30 minutes. My core service includes follow-up consultations, crafting and delivery of the ceremony to your requirements, and commemorative certificate and documentation

Personalized, purpose-driven meditations, visualisations and affirmations.

inspirational poster seven affirmation


After a deep conversation about your present goal(s) or life issues, I  will craft bespoke, personalized guided meditations, visualisations and affirmations that help you clarify your vision, find inspiration and fortitude to do the work and sustain you during the challenging phases of your journey. This service can be part of a self-realization coaching session or a stand alone experience. Once I have created the tools, I will guide you on how to implement them in your every day life, either personally, via Skype/phone or MP3. Changes can be incorporated as you move on closer to your goal. I can also be of aid in the creation of vision boards and power centres (what some would call shrine or altars) to help you in your meditation or to keep your focus on your desire.

These mind tools can be use for personal, business or spiritual development. They can be crafted following a particular spiritual tradition, be of a more eclectic nature or be completely secular in form. If you have no previous experience in the use of guided meditation s, visualisations, affirmations, vision boards and power centres, I will include an additional session (s) to teach you the best way to use and incorporate this practices in your life.


Amanda and Daniel w4

Originally intended for newlyweds with children from previous relationships, this ceremony can also be for all types of family. It opens a space for each member to express the ways in which they are prepared to support the family relationship and commit to its success. It can also provide an opportunity for people to express their appreciation for each other and their hopes for the future as a family. A family commitment ceremony is also a lovely way to start a co-parent relationship with a former partner or spouse, showing the children that, independently of circumstances, their parents are there for them and are willing to work together to offer them a loving, supporting network as they grow.


Home and Business Dedications/ Space Clearing


Acknowledging the significance of the home and business, these ceremonies help to clear energy, connect the physical space with intention, plans, values and hopes, allow gratefulness and positivity to flow and serve as reminders that all aspects of life are precious and sacred, hence should be cared for and celebrated.  A home or business dedication can be a personal, individual occasion or serve as prelude to a bigger celebration, with family and guests included. Particular faiths or spiritual paths can be honoured or the ceremony can have a more secular orientation.

Space clearing rituals can be part of a business/ home dedication or a stand alone events. Home/business owner can participate as much or as little as they want during the space clearing and I use different energetic tools and traditions to carry on the clearing.

Funerals and Memorials

Karem predicando

“I have just come home from Dale’s service. I just wanted to say you delivered a beautiful service and it was a pleasure to listen to you, it really touched my soul, Dale would be proud. Thank you giving my friend such a beautiful day. I will always touch my heart and shout “love” and think of Dale, thanks to you. Blessed be. L.P.”

I create funerals and memorials that are meaningful and reflect the person’s journey through this world, weaving love, comfort and hope into a tapestry that both supports the family and honours and celebrates the life of the loved one. As with all our ceremonies, I work with you and the desires of the departed one, to craft a service that reflects true beliefs, life views and genuine personalities. And I can do it in English, Spanish or a combination of the two.

The service may be inspired by the person’s and family’s spirituality, different religious traditions or the beauty found in the secular human experience, such as the arts and sciences. Relatives and friends can be included in the service as much or as little as feels comfortable. The aim is to create a sacred, loving space, where memories can be shared and good-byes can be said within the warmth and support of family and friends.

Whereas a funeral usually takes place within a week or so, a memorial service can be held at any time. Although I am the crafter of the ceremony, funerals and sometimes memorials are led by husband, Martin Barratt, a retired army coronel who has experience as master of ceremonies and usually helps me with others ceremonies. Please contact us and allow us to serve you and your family in this time of transition.

I offer a free initial consultation of up to 30 minutes. My core service includes consultations, crafting and delivery of the ceremony to your requirements, and commemorative documentation.


Emotional/Spiritual Healing & Closure Ceremonies

Emotional/spiritual healing and closure ceremonies, involves the crafting of ceremonies, to honour those difficult times we all go through and help us to overcome them. They help let go of the past and of those beliefs that no longer serve or reflect who we are, and bring solace, comfort and hope to the soul.

Examples of situations where a healing ceremony would be of use are divorce, miscarriage, giving up a child for adoption, issues with forgiveness and anger and so forth.

Healing  and closure ceremonies are created from a place of non-judgment, deep compassion, respect and love. They can be individual or include supportive people, willing to witness or be part of the healing and transformative process.  These ceremonies can be used in combination with spiritual counselling and coaching, or on its own, for those who have already done their inner “homework” and are ready to move on.

I offer a free initial consultation of up to 30 minutes. Prices are based upon requirements and whether the ceremony forms part of a wider package of spiritual counselling or soulful coaching.

Rites of Passage

ordination ceremonony 1a

 I believe that marking those important stages in life is important for spiritual and emotional well-being. For this reason, I take pride in creating ceremonies that may not be mainstream, but which certainly are significant for people. A rite of passage bespoke ceremony is crafted to please and fulfil you; to be an outer expression of your very unique and beautiful self and to help you achieve inner balance and peace.

As for all other ceremonies, Rites of Passage can be as spiritual, multi-faith or secular as you wish. We also embrace inclusivity and adaptation. Hence, people of different faiths – or none – can be part of the ceremony and aspects of different traditions can be incorporated. Mark these important stages of life by honouring your true self, true ideals, true vision and true beliefs.


Puberty.  Traditionally, people celebrate the arrival of adolescence in a way that is meaningful and empowering for the young person. Ceremonies that acknowledge this new stage can be created to reflect life-views; connect the young person to his or her inner strength; pass on family wisdom and traditions; open a new era in the communication between parents and children; bestow privileges and responsibilities that acknowledge that the person is no longer a child, and so forth.

Graduation. Graduation is an achievement that should be recognised at many different levels. A graduation blessing brings together all the well-wishes, hopes and aspirations of the new graduate, his/her family and friends in a joyful, heart-felt and special way.

Adulthood/coming of age/home leaving. Following the idea of the puberty ceremonies, these rites of passage mark the beginning of a new, more responsible cycle, when parents must let their children fly the nest and relate to them as peers.